Highest Safety And Industrial Standards Accompany Manufacture Of Fluorescent Lighting

Characteristic features always appreciated by the commercial and industrial customer ensure that the design and manufacture of fluorescent lighting and all its fixtures and fittings are not only sealed with approval by relevant authoritative bodies but are also trusted. The reputation that comes with years of service industry experience ensures that the manufacturers of fluorescent light fixture parts do not need to be watched too closely.

This is backed up with confidence through a custom warranty. The approved business continues to supply the World Wide Fluorescent Lighting Industry with qualitative products at competitive rates. No scale of preference is given with regard to customer. The small workshop owner is given equal importance as the largest OEM certified manufacturer. The warranty dictates that the fluorescent light fixture parts manufacturer will repair and/or replace for free any products that have, after considered normal use, proved to be defective in material makeup and/or workmanship.

This assurance to rebuild at cost to company is confirmed once a qualified inspection has been completed within a year of the defective parts being purchased. Safe to say that this seems like a fair warranty. The onus will be on product inventory owners to ensure that they have ensured the use of their fluorescent light parts before being wholesaled or retailed to their customers. Typical product inventory will include T 5, T 8 and T 12 harness sets, jumper sets and cut wire with or without grounding lugs.

Alongside the manufacture of fluorescent lamp holders will be that of starter bases and circline sockets, with two and three wire outlets. These will all be prepared and supplied in accordance with customer specifications. Federal and State regulations have been adhered to across the board.